Black Bird

I noticed this morning that the Impatiens I planted at my mum and dads gravesite appeared over watered. So I left them to dry out. From the cemetery I rode my bicycle to the Culham Trail, though I was feeling physically uninspired. But then I persevered and soon found myself following the trail all the way to the end. At the bridges I stopped and watched the river. When I reached South Meadowvale I just kept going until I was close enough to the highway that I could hear it. I circled around the factories and warehouses, which were mostly all closed because it was Sunday. When I found a small Maple tree, I stopped and laid down in its shade. Here I pondered the big questions. The lyrics to a song came to me, while a beautiful black bird poked about in the grass nearby. I then continued on my way, stopping briefly at my old school. From there I followed the road to my childhood home.

The pathway you see here was once an old dirt road, which we called ‘the back way.’ The four Locust trees to the right of it (2 in the foreground, 2 in the background) survived both the construction of the pathway and a townhouse develepment. I am very thankful they did, as they have been there my entire life.

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