The Barefoot Man

I had a lovely Saturday morning. The cats and I took a stroll down to the old Power Dam, where we laid in the sun and poked about. Afterwards, I decided I would go and visit the cemetery and check on the flowers. Along the way I took photos. There were not a lot of people in the town square, so I took a few shots of the cenotaph.

The Cenotaph

From the cenotaph I walked east along Main Street. Their was a large patch of white flowers growing in the empty lot at the bend, which when I got closer I realized were Queen Anne’s Lace. I wish they wouldn’t build houses here. Many, many crickets have made it their home.

I wish that they would not build houses here. There are many, many crickets that have made it their home.

At the top of the hill, just as you are entering the cemetery, the city has place a statue of a lion, which I like very much. (But have somehow misplaced the photos I took of it.) I could hear the Chinese in the park blowing horns, and singing, so after I checked on the flowers, I went there, and stood very close and watched and listened. They have made Sunday mornings for me quite interesting and enjoyable. Some of them invited me to join in with them and do Tai Chi, so I did. I am not quite sure what they think of this man who walks about the park barefoot, but they seem to be getting use to me. I stopped to check on the soccer field, which is still overgrown with grass. Then I climbed the hill, and walked along Queen Street taking pictures of the old houses.

An old house on Queen Street South.

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