The days are getting cooler. This morning the cats and I walked down to the river, and stretched and poked about. I noticed that the beaver has begun building a dam, and the creek is drying up.

Charo the Cat.

Afterwards, I got on my bicycle and rode over to Thomas Street to check on whether a certain house was empty. Along the way I decided to try and get some photos of the Fresh Mart, as I had been wanting to for some time.

When I was growing up the Fresh Mart was a Beckers. They sold 5 cent Popsicle”s. I never go in there anymore, as I prefer Evan’s in the North Town.

When I finally arrived at the house on Thomas Street, I spent several minutes trying to decide if it was lived in or not. (Some day this blog will serve two purposes. Firstly, to help people know what this town was like in the 2010s, and secondly, to help get me arrested for trespassing.) In any case I crept into the backyard and took some photos of the old shed. Across the street from this house is a small lot, that is overgrown with weeds and sits right beside some newer homes. Years ago a little house sat there. But then one day it was gone.

The old shed.
I have no idea why this lot on Thomas Street remains empty, while new development surrounds it on two sides. Years ago a tiny house sat there and looked down on the road from its elevated perch. But then one day it was gone.

From there I rode over to the old High School, and used the track and field as a short cut to the neighborhood in behind it. I wanted to see whether any more houses had been knocked down. On Theodore Drive I found 1 partially demolished, and 3 others waiting to be.

28 Theodore Drive is already partially demolished.

When I was done exploring, I weaved my way back to Joymar Street, crossed over Mullet Creek and and came out at Ontario Street. I then stopped at the store and bought potato chips, which I took home and ate.

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