Trinity Church Bell

My job is in the North part of Town. Mostly I ride my bicycle to work. But I thought it might rain, so I had my sister drive me in. Then around midnight I walked home. The night was cool, but I had brought my jacket. I think their are fewer sounds more comforting then the chirping of crickets. I heard them the whole way home. Many, many thousands I suspect. I slowed down to examine the old Lumber Yard, and realized again how fragile its future was. It is a true leftover from the Streetsville I grew up with. But it is also a very old, run down sort of a building, that is not really nice to look at anymore. Except maybe to me. I have no idea what its used for now, or if its used at all. Though their is someone, it appears, in the office part of it.

Evan’s Variety.

I rambled my way home from there, in no rush, and in a exploring mood. My ramble included walking through the plaza, and the Beer Store parking lot, where I took pictures. I was surprised to see the Pool Hall still open, with young men loitering about. When I reached the old Macs Milk Store, (which I mentioned will soon be opening as a coffee shop) I tried the door. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it looked as if it was unlocked. Which oddly enough it was. I then stopped to admire the sign that our local psychic has out front of her house, and ventured up the steps to get a shot of it. Summer was not really all that hot. At least I didn’t think so. Still, it’s nice to see it ending, and my favorite season almost here. Then winter again.

The stained glass window above the doorway of Trinity Church. I will need to find out if this was from the original building that burnt to the ground.

I walked to the front door of Trinity Church, and examined the stained glass above it. After the old building burnt down, I had little to do with the new one. But maybe some day I will visit on a Sunday morning. Remember I said how comforting the sound of crickets can be? Well, the sound of Trinity’s bell also has that effect on me. I’m sure on many other people, too. (I almost wish sometines I had religion.) Anyways, I made it home finally. The cats were all waiting to greet me.

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