The Old Lumberyard

My childhood home is being renovated.

The heat of summer has past. Yesterday afternoon rather then take my bicycle to work, I walked instead. I left extra early as I wanted to see how the renovations on the house that I grew up in were coming along. They appear not to be. I was tempted to go and look about the property to see whether any of my toy cars or plastic cowboys had been dug up.

Behind the Plaza.

On Arch Road I saw a house sitting empty, that I made a mental note of. I crossed Brittania and walked along behind the Plaza, taking photos of the back doors. I realize that it’s a strange hobby, but it’s like artwork to me. Across the road I could see that someone had spray painted graffiti on a tanker car. The graffiti was dated 2016, which is a really nice thing, don’t you think?.


The old Lumberyard is very nearly across the street from where I work. I still had some time left, so I went up close to examine the metal siding, and the big doors. When I reached the backyard, I encountered a gentleman who was operating a machine. I smiled at him, but he did not want to be smiled at.

The old Lumberyards office and store. Their used to be the head of a moose high up on a wall, that perplexed and fascinated me as a child.

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