Are You Happy?

My legs feel sore from all the walking I’ve been doing. But I wanted to tie up a few loose ends, and take some photos, so I hauled my bicycle down the stairs and went exploring. First though I made a stop at the cemetery to check on the flowers. A funeral procession was just leaving, and I nodded at the people as they passed. When I was done there I rode out through a gateway that leads to Carolyn Street, which is located East of the River.

The apple tree you see here once belonged to a small brick house that occupied the corner lot at Carolyn Street and Durie Road. I was glad to see it survive the transition.

The area was once the last of Streetsvilles homes before you drove out into the surrounding countryside. They were (and are) unique because of the large, and deep lots they sit on. But the old houses have almost all been knocked down, and replaced with newer, more expensive ones. I stopped to look over the few which have survived from the old days, and that are no longer lived in. The backyard of one of them had a few apple trees, whose branches were bent over and touching the ground, under the weight of all the fruit.

1661 Carolyn Street awaits its fate.

I made way along Creditview Road, then turned right onto Eglinton Avenue West, which was once called Lower Base Line. I was essentially on the fringes of what was my childhood town. I stopped to take some pictures of a row dwelling, that is very old and once housed the mill workers. Next door to it is another house that is abandoned. I spent some time here wandering about through the overgrowth, and listening to the ghosts.

1605 and 1607 Eglinton Avenue West. The Mill Workers Homes.
Next door to the Mill Workers Homes is an abandoned house that I am sure must be haunted by ghosts.
The backside of 1631 Eglinton Avenue West.
The garage.

Then I continued on and turned right onto Mississauga Road. At the old L.A Auto Repair Shop I took a photo of the words ARE YOU HAPPY? that are spray painted on the boarded up front part. (I have told few people about this blog, and have had few people read it. But today a friend told me that someone they knew was inquiring about the Old Signalmans House, (which I had written about) and that they had referred this person to my blog. Which kind of made me happy, I guess.) Anyways, afterwards I took another picture of the house. Then I crossed the tracks. I stopped at the Thrift Store and bought a small wooden man who looks like a Rabbi. I had purchased his wife last week, and was pleased to re-unite them, for only one dollar. When I left there, I came across a Wolf-Hound, that I followed until he disappeared. He had a blue scarf around his neck.

Are You Happy?
L.A Auto Repairs. Or formerly I should maybe say.
Ye Old Signalmans House.

Then I took photos of some sunflowers. Here I met a woman named Monica who came outside when she saw me, and who I spoke with for a little while. I told her how much I liked the small backyard that the sunflowers were growing in. She told me the couple who owned it were Portuguese. I told her that I knew that, and that I was Portuguese as well. Then she told me her husband was Portugues, and about their 120 year old house. Then I told her about my blog. Maybe she will read it.

The Portuguese couples backyard.
Sunflowers of the Portuguese couple of Victoria Street.

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