This morning I walked down to the old Power Dam with two of the cats. The days are becoming breezy, and less then warm. Autumn it seems has arrived on the heels of summer. Everywhere along the river are Goldenrod, with some purple flowered Asters mixed in. I stood and stretched in the sun, and then laid down on the concrete. Nearby were 9 ducks, and a grey Heron, who normally fly off if you startle them. I also saw a very large toad, a small snake and 2 snails that looked as if they were kissing. When I reached home I carried my bicycle down to the street and rode to the cemetery. I surveyed my mother and fathers graveside and determined that I will need to prune back the Rose of Sharons considerably and straighten them out with string. I also examined the leaves on the Lilac I planted, that have become whitish. I hope they are not diseased, as I would hate to lose it.

Beside the old Power Dam, is a boarded up building where years ago the Sea Cadets used to meet.

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