Lawn Bowlers

This morning I walked down to the Old Power Dam. I spent most of my time collecting garbage, while the cats watched. (Though Maribel did try to catch a chipmunk, who was lightning quick and left her behind on the lower branches of a tree.) Afterwards, I rode my bicycle to the cemetery, as I had not watered the flowers in several days. I discovered that a Maple tree near the gravesite had dropped its leaves already. I also found a bee that I gently poked. But just like summer, its time was at an end. I then rode along the river and through the park. When I reached Queen Street I stopped and took a photo of the mural that is outside on the wall of the Mexican Restaurant. It is lovely.

The Mexican Restaurant.

Across the street is a white clapboard building that was once the library. When I was growing up it was used as a clubhouse for the lawn bowlers, who were all elderly folk. I also took a photo of the front door of the United Church, which has a pretty cross above it.

The Streetsville B.I.A. Formerly the Lawn Bowlers Clubhouse.
Streetsville United Church.

When I reached the Salvation Army Thrift Store, I locked up my bicycle and went inside. I nearly bought a skull with a kerchief on its head, (like how a pirate wears it.) But I left it behind. But if it’s still there on my next visit, I will purchase it and hang up beside my Chinese Dragon. I then stopped for a coffee and chatted with my friend Randy, who was wearing a hat that had the words Make America Great Again printed on it, and which we both thought was funny. I left him after a short while and rode over to Via Ciclante, to put some air in my bike tires. Then I stopped at the bank. Just outside on the sidewalk, the town has installed a proper post for securing bikes to. Which is nice.

My bicycle locked up outside the bank.

4 thoughts on “Lawn Bowlers”

  1. Hi. Have found your blog! Joy! Will enjoy catching up with your days…

    Some bees can be revived with a little sugar water and some rest. They are so dedicated that they often run out of energy and collapse, but sugar water can sometimes bring them back from the brink. You may already know this…but maybe someone else reading doesn’t)

    Its lovely to see that the old town still retains some original buildings and personality. I often miss it. Please visit Mike for me next time you’re at the cemetery. He can be found near the corner that overlooks the river, in the first part of the yard – before the treeline divides it. Dont know if that helps but maybe you will find him. When you’re at his grave, look back towards the road/path. There was a falcon nesting there last time I visited. Xxx


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