Last Of The Great Willows

Three nights ago I was at the Meadowvale Station when I noticed what looked like a very large Oak Tree in the parking lot, surrounded by a fence. I found a gate, but it was dark and I needed to return to work. So yesterday I decided I would go back and look at it in the daylight. I carried my bicycle down the stairs to the street, and made my way along the Back Road. One of the workmen renovating my old childhood home was standing outside, and so I went and spoke with him. I asked if he had found any old hockey cards or plastic men behind the walls. But he said no. I then continued along Earl Street and crossed over Britannia Road. From there I snaked my way around to Matlock Avenue and took some photos of the Railway Tracks.

The Railway Tracks at Matlock Avenue.

Nearby is the Mopar Parts Warehouse. Out front of it is a large grassy area, where once stood several Willow Trees, which have now all disappeared. All except for one that is. I crossed over Queen Street and visited with it, and said goodbye in case I didn’t get a chance later.

The last of the great Willows on the grassy area of the Mopar Parts Warehouse..

Eventually, I left there and made my way across The Parkway and ended up at Meadowvale 4 Rinks. When I was sixteen I fell in love with the confectionery girl who worked there, and who eventually broke my heart. (Which to tell the truth broke pretty easily in those days.)

I will always remember the confectionery girl.

I locked my bicycle up behind Rink 2 and walked under the Parkway Bridge. It is a favorite spot for graffiti artists, and beer drinkers and young people who light fires at night. I frowned at all the garbage left behind.

Beneath The Parkway.

When I left, I retraced my route a little and crossed over on the Parkway and turned right onto Millcreek Road. I was now where Streetsville and Meadowvale overlap and meet together. Near the corner is a Buddhist Temple. The wind at this point was against me and I had to peddle hard, but at least it would be blowing at my back on the way home.

The Buddhist Temple.

When I finally reached the station and could look at the Oak Tree up close, I discovered that it was in fact not one oak tree but two. Both were quite beautiful. I entered the unlocked gate and went and placed my head against them. But they were silent. On the way home I encountered hundreds of grasshoppers.

The unlocked gate.
I discovered that it was in fact not one oak tree but two. Both were quite beautiful and seemed to merge together.
The branches were magnificent.

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