The House That Timothy Street Built

Yesterday it rained continuously. But I was determined to accomplish 2 things. Firstly, I wanted to walk along the river and call for Charo the cat, who has not come home in 19 days. Secondly, I wanted to get to the cemetery and finish the pruning I started last week. So I set out along the paths near my home, and in a short time I was wet and muddy. I had to also pick the burrs off of my clothing. When I reached the Power Dam I went inside the old Sea Cadets building with a flashlight. But he was nowhere to be found.

Ruins of the old Power Dam.

So I went home, feeling a bit depressed. My sister had taken my car so I walked to the cemetery with a pair of pruners in my back pocket. Along the way I took photos, including a few of the old Timothy Street House. Which is not only the oldest house in Streetsville, but the oldest in the County.

Timothy Street House.

I reached the cemetery and finally managed to get a few good photos of a lion statue that they have placed atop a small hill, overlooking the driveway. He is reclining and has a look of confidence. Or maybe sleepiness.

The Reclining Lion.
He has a look of confidence. Or maybe sleepiness.

I pruned back the Rose of Sharons drastically. Very drastically, I feel. (I hope I won’t regret it!) The dwarf Lilac I already took care of last year. I will return when I get a chance and dig up the annuals and prepare the bed for next year. I will also bring the ceramic angels home.

I crossed back over the River Bridge, and walked underneath it to examine the graffiti and get out of the rain for a bit. Nearby are some scrubby looking trees, which were there when as a kid I used to swim here. But now they look beaten down and worn from age. Sort of like me.

Graffiti beneath the Main Street River Bridge.

I walked along the rivers edge towards the park. There was a crab apple tree with branches hanging out over the water, that had over a hundred apples growing on them. I am thinking of returning and picking them all, and then leaving them around for the deer in winter.

I walked along the rivers edge towards the park.

At the park I took a photo of the swings. Their have been more then a few swings in this park over the years. I have not tried out these particular ones yet, but may do so in the near future.

The Park Swings.

After I left the park I stopped at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church and took a photo of the unique crosses they have placed on the doors. Such a beautiful old church. Maybe someday I will do a whole blog devoted to it. Afterwards, I visited the Salvation Army Thrift Store. I had hoped to find some more Halloween decorations, but instead left with only a red frog with a coin in its mouth. Which now makes 2 frogs with coins in their mouths, that I own.

Such unique crosses.

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