The Howling Winds Of Winter

This morning I telephoned a friend to ask if I could stop by for a cup of tea. But he said no. So I drove over to the Leslie Log House instead. I wanted to explore parts of the property that were closed off to the public when I was there a few months ago. While walking about I heard the howling winds of winter. Which gave me a nice feeling. I eventually came upon a dirt roadway which I followed to a clearing beside the river. There were trees growing on the side of a hill that had turned bright red and orange. On the return walk I stopped to check in with the old Walnut Tree. Most of its leaves were now fallen

When I got back to town I stopped at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for a quick look about. I purchased a wooden elephant mask and a nice pair of hiking boots, (which will replace the runners I’ve overworked.

My new Wooden Elephant Mask.

From there I made my way to the cemetery, where I collected the ceramic angels from the grave site. They will be washed and stored until next spring. The groundskeepers showed up just as I was leaving and pulled out their horrid leaf blowers.

I collected the ceramic angels from the grave site.

I have wanted to go and collect some of the apples from the trees I have come across, and keep them on my balcony to feed to the deer, during the winter months. So I headed over to Caroline Street, and sneaked into the yard of the house that has no one living in it. The two trees were both bursting with apples, and the ground was already covered with them. I filled a recycle box, and then left. But I will return soon and get more.

The Apple Tree just wants to give.

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