The Mexican Man Christmas Tree Ornament

Yesterday morning Joseph and I walked down to the Old Power Dam. The air was not only cool, but cold. Joseph seemed quite invigorated by it, and ran about like an Arabian Stallion. I felt invigorated, too. But I didn’t run. Afterwards, I walked alone into town, as I wanted to visit the Salvation Army Thrift. Along the way I took a photo of the Comic Book store, which is located in the basement beneath Robinson’s Pharmacy. I also took a photo of the Tea Room at the Robinson-Bray House, because I like the sign.

At the Thrift Store, in addition to a sweater, I found two small turtle figurines, a Santa Claus candle holder, Amish husband and wife salt and pepper shakers, a Mickey Mouse nightlight, and best of all, a Mexican man Christmas tree ornament. The cashier asked me if I realized its arm was broken off, and I answered yes, that’s why I’m buying it.

A Mexican Man Christmas Tree Ornament. His one arm was broken off, but I liked him all the same. Why did I not buy the Tinkerbell below him, though?