Waiting Upon The Wind

Yesterday morning I had my sister drive me to The Parkway and Highway 403. My goal was to walk back to Streetsville by way of the Power Grid. I was curious to see what kind of nature lived there.

I came upon 3 Oak Trees, that stood in a community of smaller trees and bush. The Oaks were still wearing their fall colors. I went over to examine them, and gave each a hug and a kiss. Someone had built a covering from branches, and a fire pit, with a stack of wood for burning. Their was also a stump for sitting down.

A Tower of Power.

As I was about to return to the trail, a good size buck appeared. My second encounter with one in 3 days. He did not spook or seem startled by me, but slowly walked away in the direction he was headed. So I followed close behind. When we reached Mullets Creek he crossed over, while I watched from this side. He then stopped and looked back.

Getting myself over the creek was a little more challenging. I first walked to a small forest nearby that ended where a sub-division started. But couldn’t find a way. So I retraced my steps. I finally found a smallish, precarious looking branch that acted like a bridge, and which I used to cross over on. I was now nearing Mississauga Road.

Their is a spot with a Willow and a Spruce, that for some time I have wanted to see up close. The reason was that I believed a house once sat there. I wasn’t sure if it just looked that way, or because I remember it from when I was a child. I found evidence though that told me I was correct. Firstly, their was Periwinkle everywhere. Secondly, I found many old bricks lying around.

I crossed Mississauga Road and looked down at the River. I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to go any further on this adventure. Not unless I used the highway bridge. But that would be a little too foolhardy. So I walked down into the valley, along with misguided hope. I was quite tired by then. So I stretched out on a fallen tree and ate the apple I brought along with me.

I stretched out on a fallen tree.

From there I walked along the river and eventually reached the very spot where I swam this past summer. There were many dead Salmon there. Some half eaten. I also found a single Milkweed with its pods all split open, and many feathery seeds waiting to fly away. I watched carefully to see even just one of them loosened by the wind. But I didn’t. I then started the climb back up the hill towards the Leslie Log House. I walked home from there half feeling defeated, and half physically exhilarated.

I found a single Milkweed with its pods all split open, and many feathery seeds waiting to fly away.

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