The River

Yesterday morning I felt that I needed to go for a walk. It had been nearly a month since my last real one. My back feels considerably better, though my right knee is causing me problems. I feel old. Anyways, as I said, I went for a walk. The original plan was to simply go and visit the cemetery. But when I reached Mill Street at Wyndham, I felt the Park call out to me. So I headed in that direction.

I spent time watching the river, and the ducks that were there. Lots of ducks, and more arriving. I will need to bring lettuce next time I come. The park was not quite empty of people. There were two trucks parked and idling, which perturbed me. That annoying sound of diesel engines. I wandered about and stopped to take a picture of the old oak trees next to the pool. These trees fascinated me as a small boy, and the acorns were a great discovery. But now the larger of the two trees looks as if it is hurting. I suspect it will fall eventually, as it stands on a hill and has already begun to lean.

Watching The River

Watching The Ducks

The Oak Trees On The Hill.

I eventually left the park and walked towards the town, cutting through the Presbyterian Cemetery. That is where Timothy Street is buried. The principal founder of our town, and who it was named after.

The gravestone of Timothy Street and family.

Before heading home, I stopped in at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. I found a Santa Clause candle holder, and purchased it. It will replace the one that the wind blew off the window sill and broke.

A Santa Clause Candle Holder.