I Wander Aimlessly Through Town

After my last walk, my knee once again began causing me problems. This has meant staying home more, which has not been good for me. I have already begun putting weight on (which I do quite easily) and have become lazy and unmotivated. In fact I feel as if I am veering on becoming depressed. Anyways, after laying about this morning I forced myself to take a walk to the Salvation Army Thrift Store, just to feel alive again. But when I got there I looked about briefly, then left.

Afterwards, I began wandering aimlessly. I couldn’t say where I was going or how far I would go. Though too far seemed like a bad idea. Along the way, of course, I took pictures. I stopped at the corner to take a photo of the Streetsville United Church, which normally has defied my attempts at capturing it nicely. But finally, I seemed to succeed. Sort of. From the side anyways.

Streetsville United Church.

I turned right on to Victoria, and took photos of 263, which I have done before, and posted on this blog. But this time I took it looking at it from an angle, which seemed to highlight its ghetto quality. I like that the trees were bare as well. Then from there I zigzagged and ended up on Broadway, where I took photos of both the little green house (again on an angle, which I guess I was just into today) and the side entrance of the Old Firehall. Somewhere I have a photo of my sister and I standing on the steps of that entrance, just leaving after having met Santa Claus, who we both still believed in.

263 Victoria Street
The Little Green House on Broadway.
Somewhere I have a photo of my sister and I standing on the steps of that entrance, just leaving after having met Santa Claus, who we both still believed in.

I then took a short walk just to check on whether they had cut down that tree that shivered and spoke to me last summer. It was indeed cut down. I backtracked, and walked over to the Pharmacy, where I bought bagels and peanut butter, (which is a red flag that depression is settling in.) I also stopped to say hi to Jessie and Ana at the Barber Shop, and to get my head buzzed, but Jessie was not there. So I will try again tomorrow. I finally ended up back at home, and found my sister chatting with the neighbor. Soon she will be moving, and I will be left alone here in Streetsville.

2 thoughts on “I Wander Aimlessly Through Town”

  1. Hello SweetYoungHeartedLady Thanks for coming by and visiting my nonsense. To tell the truth I feel a bit down about my sisters decision to move away. (On the other hand I do support the need to spread her wings.) Want to live in my building? Their are 2 units available 🙂


  2. So sorry your sister is moving. Wish I could. I would come home. I think I am ready to end my exile. But its just to expensive to live there…I always get depressed in January – but February is neatly lethal for me. I hope your walk helped improve your sense of unease…Miss u. xx


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