The Hidden Pathway

Two mornings ago I decided that since my knee was giving me less problems, that I would take a walk to the cemetery. But first I would go and check to see if the deer had found the apples I left out for them. I was glad to find them all gone, and the snow and soft mud imprinted with hooves. From there, instead of climbing back up the hill towards Church Street, I made my way along the Riverbank, and came out at Wyndham Street, where I lived for five years.

The house at the corner of Wyndham and Main where I lived for 5 years. On the right is the Walnut Tree I cleaned up after every fall.

At the corner I stopped to take a few photos of the house that I rented in. I lived above the garage in a very comfy, inexpensive apartment, which was owned by a very nice landlord, whose wife once slapped me. Every fall I would clean up after the Walnut tree that stood at the end of the driveway. (What a mess it made.)

I then crossed Main Street and made my way over to Mill Street, where I once again took photos of the Timothy Street House. I believe it is the oldest Brick dwelling in the whole region.

Timothy Street House.

I finally reached the cemetery, and quickly checked on my mother and fathers gravesite. I was glad to find a pretty Poinsettia that I assume my older sister had put there. I also looked over my pruning job on the Dwarf Lilac and The Rose of Sharons. I am pleased with it for now. I am a little concerned though how well they will blossom in spring. But Spring will let us know.

I walked along the brow of the hill, and then made my way down the hidden pathway. On the left I could see the River, and across the way I could hear the children playing outside at recess. My hands were cold, but I was happy with the day. I then walked to the park, and up the hill towards St.Andrews Presbyterian Church.

The Hidden Pathway.

When I reached the Salvation Army Thrift Store I went inside and looked about. I was tempted to buy a very strange looking statue of Jesus, with the heads of angels around his waist. But held off. Instead I bought two record albums and a ceramic cat. The cat I placed with all the others on my kitchen window sill.

My new ceramic cat (left) joins the others on my kitchen window sill.

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