A Desperate Shyness

Yesterday afternoon I needed to go to my company and use the computer. Instead of driving though, I left the car for my sister, and walked there. I took the Backroad, as I was curious to see if they had done anything more to the house I grew up in. It appears not.

To avoid the main traffic areas, I then walked along Earl Street, crossed over Brittania, and then weaved through Riverview Heights. I came out at the Beer Store, where I crossed over the Northtown Tracks. I then briefly stopped to look over the Old Lumberyard. Is there another building in all of Streetsville with a longevity as baffling?

5 Earl Street. I predict it shall be torn down within a few months.

After I had finished what I had to do at work, I walked towards home. Only I chose to walk along the Railway Tracks instead. When I reached the bridge, I stopped and reminisced about a girl that I was in love with in Highschool. I would stand on that very bridge each morning and watch her walk by with her friends. Some, I suppose, would call that romantic; while others would probably call it creepy. At the time it just felt like desperate shyness.

I chose to walk along side of the Railway Tracks instead.
I stopped and reminisced about a girl that I was in love with in Highschool.

I cut through where the school buses are parked, and came out on James Street. I took pictures of 54 William, which is the house our Councilman now lives in. When I was young though, a very old woman lived there, whose name I now forget. When she died they auctioned off all her belongings. Anyone could walk around the house, upstairs and down, and bid on whatever they wanted. I looked around also, and remember the repulsion I felt when I went into her bedroom. A vine had slipped through a crack in the window and was creeping along the walls. It was very Gothic looking. From there I walked around behind central Plaza and stopped to take a photo of Central Billiards. Then went into the Drugstore to buy toothpaste and beans.

54 William Street
Central Billiards.

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