I Encounter A Pot Smoking Graffiti Artist

This morning I walked down to the river, with Charo the Cat. Joseph the Cat had dissapeared, or I would have taken him along as well.

In the ravine two deer came out of the bush and ran across the pathway where I was walking. I was able to capture them on the video I was filming. Though not up close.

The two deer appear around the 2:23 mark.

Charo trotted along beside me, until we reached a fallen tree, and some old cars. Its s favorite spot of ours. Here, we usually stop to rest or climb. Not that I climb, but the cats like too. I mostly rest.

An Old Car that has sat in the ravine for decades.

From there we made our way over to the Old power Dam, where I startled a young man, who was hidden behind a boarded up building, which had once been home to the Sea Cadets.

Charo the Cat near the Old Power Dam.

He was spray painting grafitti and smoking pot. I had to assure him that I was not the police. I should have maybe asked him to learn some art skills though.

Charo seemed tentative of this person, and so we headed towards home.

The Old Sea Cadet building where I startled the young man spray painting grafitti.

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