The Curious Deer

This morning I asked Joseph and Charo to go for a walk with me down to the river. Joseph seemed eager enough, but Charo didn”t move from his basket. So we left him behind.

When we reached the path that leads into the ravine, I could see a large deer watching us. This spooked Joseph, and so he turned back. I then walked on alone.

When I reached the river, I saw another deer. Small, and young looking. I took my phone out and started filming a video, in the hope I could get close. But the deer ran off. When I tried to follow him, I discovered a third deer. Also small and young looking.

This deer was curious, and tried to get close to me. And I tried to get close to her. But she wouldn’t let me. Neither did she run away. So we just sort of circled around each other for a few minutes. Then, it ran off as well.

Afterwards I saw two butterflies, which was very nice.

The Curious Deer

6 thoughts on “The Curious Deer”

  1. This is wonderful! She is adorable! She sure is interested in the bag. She must be wondering if you brought her anything…Is this the same spot you put out food during the winter? I am surprised by the size of them. The ones in the woods on the Sunshine coast in BC are much smaller.


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