Down By The Old Power Dam Again

(Tuesday, April 6) With the nicer weather returning, Joseph and Charo and myself have begun to take walks down to the Old Power Dam again. I almost always try to take photos or a video, because who knows, someday the power Dam may disappear into the earth and water.

The Old Power Dam

Today, I brought along 2 small, plastic bags to collect garbage with. But I found a large black one, and so used that instead.

Deer tracks in the mud along the bank of The River.

If I pick up a piece of plastic, or a can, and their is a snail, or caterpillar beneath it, I  will replace their covering with leaves, as I do not believe in stealing the roof off of anyone. Though come to think of it maybe leaves aren’t such a good roof.

When we reached the Power Dam I hung the black garbage bag on a metal post, for everyone to use. I will check on it every day. Or most days.

Joseph and Charo Climbing along the side of The Old Power Dam

(Thursday, April 9) Today I checked to see if the black garbage bag I hung up, down by the Old Power Dam was till there. It was. I picked up some more garbage, and then begun to tackle the larger pieces of junk that need to be carried back up to the dumpster behind Branch 139 of the Royal Canadian Legion. I started with a lawn chair that has been an offense to me for months. Tomorrow, it will be the ugly, busted up table.

The dumpsters behind Branch 139 of The Royal Canadian Legion.

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