Prime The Pump!

I’m a little ashamed that I have not written in my blog for several weeks. The truth is, I have lost some of my steam, as far as exploring Streetsville and recording my adventures. I also have grown lazy and housebound. Partly, because of the unusual cold we have experienced this Spring, and partly because of the social distancing that the virus has forced upon all of us. Though I cannot pretend that those are the only reasons. Really, it’s about me just being my usual un-disciplined self. (Which I tend to default to). Hopefully though that will end soon, and I will return to my old self again.

Wispy the Cat. I have not mentioned her much, because I never let her outside. She is so tiny, and I fear her getting lost, which would cause me some pain.
Maribel the Cat doesn’t actually go outdoors all that much anymore either. Shes a nervous cat and appears to have decided that staying indoors is safer. Which is totally fine with me, as I worry about them when they go outside.

Not to say that I have not been out for walks, or not taken pictures and videos. I have, and my precious cats have even followed me on a occasion. But as I said, I have lacked the motivation to record and post my feelings and observations. (Though I continue to have plenty of both!) In any case, I am writing all this to prime the pump again, and for an excuse to log some of these photos I’ve taken. I will try and provide some chronology for them, and maybe a bit of narrative.

So here we go!

A few weeks back, before I grew overly moribund, I had taken some nice photos of the Old Power Dam, which really should have been showcased pronto. Since then I have enjoyed a few quiet moments there, usually with Charo the Cat in tow. Its uncertain how much longer the ruins of the Old Power Dam will remain standing. I suspect that the walls will eventually tumble, and disappear beneath grass and trees. Until then I will continue to visit it, and enjoy its peacefulness.

Sometimes, I like to take the cats with me down the path behind my apartment building and take walks through the ravine, and along the river. When it rains though it becomes too muddy and so I avoid it. I am also a little more concerned about coyotes down there, which are often about, and that I have even encountered. Lately mind you, its been a particularly aggressive deer that has been worrisome. Once it chased Charo up a tree, and another time it tried to get around me at the cats. Not sure why, or what he/she would do if it caught one of them. But I don’t wish to make a trial of it either. Anyways, below is a photo I took while on one of these walks into the ravine. In places the River breaks up into smaller streams, where they wind gently along, until they rejoin the trunk. They are easy to cross, and can be lovely spots to sit and listen to the sounds of nature.

Last week I decidedthat I needed to visit the cemetery and check on the Lilac Bush I had planted at my mum and dads gravesite last year. I had already done so once earlier, but it had not sprouted leaves yet. But now their were many leaves, and it had a nice pruned shape to it; which made me feel sort of proud, as I had done the pruning myself! I also checked on the two Rose of Sharon’s. I was worried I may have been too aggressive last November, regarding the number of branches I lopped off of them. But they too are doing well, and I discovered lots of new buds forming. I plan to here on out make sure they never get too wild again. Soon I will planting flowers around the gravestone, and returning the ceramic angels to their spots. I also have a few new additions to help make things look homey.

The Lilac Bush at my mum and dads gravesite.

Near where my parents grave is, is another grave which is the burial place of two newborns. One appears to have only lived one day, and the other only a few days. Someone (I assume the parents) has created a menagerie of plastic flowers, and statues and gnomes and pinwheels. At first I barely noticed, but as they continued to add to it, I began to take an interest. Now I find it positively fascinating!

The Menagerie

The Menageries Pinwheels.

Nearby where I live, I came upon the first tulip of the year. It was a solitary yellow flower growing out from a mound of debris and dirt. I assumed it being there was accidental. (Much like how I feel about myself sometimes.) Not far off, behind Branch 139 of the Royal Canadian Legion, sit two big ‘ol recycling dumpsters, that for some reason (unbeknownst even to myself) I like taking pictures of. So, that’s where we will end for today.

First tulip of the year.
The Dumpsters

4 thoughts on “Prime The Pump!”

  1. I was surprised when this appeared on my Inbox and was really happy. I read it thoroughly and really appreciated it. Loved the whole writing technique and how you interact with your readers. AWESOME thoughts on your travels and thought that the first photo of the power dam was Instagram Worthy! This is a great one. Can’t wait for more. Your friend CK


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