Old Blue Bottles

Joseph looks out at the ravine and the River

Yesterday morning when I got home from driving my sister to work, I found Joseph and Charo waiting outside for me. I asked them if they would like to go for a walk and they both said yes. So we strolled over to Branch 139 of The Royal Canadian Legion, and stopped at one of our favorite spots; which is an open piece of ground surrounded by trees, that overlooks the ravine and the River. Its really quite pretty.

Then we made our way down to the Old Power Dam, and stood watching the geese and the water, and the morning sun shining on it. I could just barely pull myself away from there. But Joseph and Charo tend to get restless if I loiter for too long in one place.

In Springtime its easier to explore places along the river, that in summer become overgrown with prickly vines and plants with burrs, and tall grass. In fact, it’s already become difficult. So I made my way slowly, and eventually came to a place where a long time ago, people used to toss their garbage and junk over the hill. It was essentially a dump. It has since been covered over with dirt, and trees grow there, including crab apples. When I was young my friends and I used to dig into the side of that hill and we would find old blue bottles, which we would collect. Even today, I still find ancient stuff.

The cats and I finally climbed back up the hill, and came out at Ellen Street. Then we made our way along what was once called the Back Road, but which is now just a concrete pathway, lined with townhouses. Still, its a nice place to walk, and the Locust Trees have somehow survived.

The Back Road is now just a concrete pathway. Still, its a nice walk, and the old Locust Trees have somehow survived.

Lately, I have made the old cemetery behind the Trinity Anglican Church part of our regular itinerary. Normally, I will spend sone time reading over the names and dates on the gravestones, while the cats poke about, or chase after birds. (Which I try and discourage them from doing.) On this particular day I also took a photo of a tiny red brick building which is near by, and is a part of Streetsvilles historia electrica. It was being used until not too long ago, but is now just an architectural artifact that they (thankfully) left standing.

The Old Hydro Electric Building.

I decided it was time for us all to go home. I needed to rest before going to work, and the cats needed to be brought indoors. (I hate having to worry about them.)

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