At The Corner Of Church And Ontario Grows A Lovely Tree

Yesterday morning, I drove to the cemetery to once again check on the Lilac that I planted last year at my mother and fathers gravesite. It is now all bushy with leaves, but without any sign of flowers yet. The Rose of Sharon’s meanwhile have maintained their winter look; though they generally flower later in summer anyways. All in all I am quite pleased with the appearance of things, and hope to plant flowers next week with my sisters help. (Though she does not it yet.)

I wandered about the cemetery checking on other graves, to see how they were looking. I also stopped briefly to examine the tiny creek, which was not creeking much, but was half dried up.

I have mentioned before that a large Maple Tree stands in the near center of the cemeteries older section, which is quite beautifully shaped and provides a dense shade. I have attempted many times to take a photo of it that would capture its loveliness, but have deleted as many as I have taken. But finally yesterday I took one or two that satisfied me.

The Maple Tree at the Cemetery.

In the afternoon I walked to the Drugstore and purchased some potato chips, then to the liquor store to buy a 6 pack of beer. On my way back, I dropped by the Thai restaurant, to pick up the rice I had ordered by phone.

As I made my way home I passed by a small tree shrub that has been growing unobtrusively at the corner of Church and Ontario Streets, and has year by year grown more lovely. It is interesting to me how things in nature progress almost silently, yet determinedly. I have no idea how that bush came to grow there, though I doubt very much it was planted. More likely it just sprang up. Someday, someone working for the Public Works Department will decide that it doesn’t need to be there, and with one swift chop, will obliterate it. And I will mourn.

The tree shrub at the corner of Church and Ontario Streets.

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