How Quickly The Ravine Turns Green

The last few mornings I have been more active, and willing to go for walks again. Mostly its been to the River, or to the Royal Canadian Legion, or to the Old Power Dam. Always, with Joseph and Charro. It is fascinating to see how quickly the ravine has turned green. Just a few days of hot weather, and everything begins to reveal its own peculiar life. Leaves, flowers, grass, the tall weeds and vines. Soon it will be difficult to walk anywhere, but along the paths. Then eventually not even along the paths.

How quickly the ravine has turned green.

I have also experienced some beautiful, and peaceful moments in the ravine. Peaceful, though not always very quiet. Their has been a constant chatter of birds, which of course in no way makes things less peaceful. In fact the chatter of birds is peacefulness itself. Off across the River I have heard the sounds of chainsaws as well, which you can hear near the end of the video above. Apparently, the city has been doing some extensive pruning along the Culham Trail. I almost dread checking on them, for fear of what they may have cut down. I especially worry about the tall Oaks which grow in a line along the top of the hill, and have done so probably for over a hundred years. Soon though I will need to investigate, then will report back.

Sitting on a fallen log admiring the Creek and the all the greenery.

Charro sits with me on a fallen log.

This morning Joseph and Charro came along with me down to the Old Power Dam, and we sat together by the river listening to the gentle sounds of the rapids. Their were many Herons about. Many more then normal it seemed. Nearby, some kids had thrown a large section of plywood into the stream, which caused my heart to droop. I just do not understand littering. Such a puzzling behavior. I was very nearly going to bring the bag I had left hanging on a post some time ago, back with me, as it was very nearly full of trash. But then I noticed that it was teeming with ants, so I let it be. I would certainly not wish to be transported far away from my home, with no chance of ever getting back.

Joseph looks out at the River near the Old Power Dam.

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