The Community Of The Departed

Yesterday morning I walked over to Branch 139 of the Royal Canadian Legion, with Joseph and Charro following. I noticed that someone had placed a picnic table in our favored spot. Their use to be an older gentleman, who I thought was very grumpy, who would sometimes sit there. But then I heard he had passed away, and left the rest of us to be grumpy without him.

We walked on until we reached the Old Power Dam, where I slipped my sandals off, and stood in the sun. Across the river I could see folks on the Culham Trail stretching, and so I started stretching, too. The cats poked about, or would lay down. The sound of the rippling water and chatting birds was like heaven. Or at least like the kind of heaven I would create.

The Old Power Dam
Charro the Cat looks up, and assesses the leap.

This morning after buying a coffee, and eating my bagels, I drove over to the cemetery , then walked to my mother and fathers gravesite. I had so hoped to find the Lilac bush flowering, but it was only leafing. As I walked about a little, a wonderful feeling of contentment washed over me, and I felt such a peacefulness in that place. Somehow, I don”t see the cemetery as just a lot of random graves, with dead people in them. To me, it feels more like coming into a community.

The Streersville Cemetery where my mother and father are buried, and where I hope my ashes will be someday as well. Though I suppose it will matter little to me if they aren’t.
At the cemetery I found Allium growing in lots of spots.

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