After The Thunderstorm

Last night their was a Thunderstorm. The thunder rolled and rolled. I wanted to stay awake and listen to it, but I fell asleep. In the morning when I looked out my window, I saw that it was still raining, but not hard enough to keep the windows shut. So I opened them. After I fed the cats, and explained to them that they where all going to have to stay inside, I put my running shoes on and went for a walk.

I got my nose right in close, and breathed in its heavenly scent.

Their is a Lilac bush near my apartment that I stopped to admire. I put my nose to it, right up close, and breathed in deeply. Once I was satisfied, I then walked along Church Street, and crossed over on Mill Street towards Queen. Since their were so few people about, I decided it would be a good time to take photos of the downtown. When I reached the coffee shop I went in and bought a coffee, which I carried with me until I found a spot where I could sit down and drink it.

I found a spot along the sidewalk where I could sit down and drink my coffee.

Eventually, I got tired of sitting, and so continued walking towards the south part of town. I took a photo of the Old Streetsville Library, now the Business Association, then crossed the street and took photos of St. Andrews Presbyterian. Or more specifically of the Chestnut Trees that grow in front of it. They were covered in blossoms.

Chestnut Trees must have once been quite popular in Streetsville, because they were planted in front of all the churches, and along Main Street. But the two in front of St. Andrews are practically the only ones left. The others are gone now, victims of a fire and road construction.

The Old Streetsville Library, now the Streetsville Business Association.
One of the two Chestnut Trees growing out front of St. Andrews Presbyterian.

⁶ I made my way over to the park where I happened to meet a friend of mine named Julie. We talked for quite a while, but I wanted to visit Culham Trail, and so eventually I said goodbye to her. Along the path I looked for snails that I could help to cross, but found none to help. When I reached the other side of the Main Street bridge, I turned left unto Culham Trail and then left onto a side trail which winds along the River.

I walked along a side trail which winds along the River.

I have been told that their was once another bridge that crossed over the River near Water Street. But the only evidence that their was, are these three concrete footings, (see photos below) that as kids, we used to hang out at. Except for the graffitti, they have renained virtually unchanged.

The Concrete Footings.

When I finally turned back, I crossed over Bristol Road, and made my way towards the cemetery. I checked on the Lilac bush that I planted last year at my mother and fathers gravesite, but was a little disappointed to find that it still had not flowered. (Nor is it likely to this year.) I then sat down on a bench and greeted the people who were walking there. I also noticed two fresh graves. In one of them, my friends father, who had passed away recently, was buried in. At another graveside someone had placed a statue of a angel kneeling down, which I took photos of.

Someone had placed a beautiful statue of a kneeling angel, at one of the gravesides.

On my way home I paid a visit to an empty lot, where there once stood three houses. A sign says that a proposal has been made to develop the lands for townhouses, and that a petition has been made for rezoning, etc. etc. Its grass reminds me of a meadow, and the trees are lovely and mature. I wish they could just go on growing, and fall over on their own.

I wish the trees could just go on growing, and fall over on their own.

2 thoughts on “After The Thunderstorm”

  1. I hate that so much green open space and trees are being destroyed and cut down while houses built right on top of each other keep appearing…

    A little plant food might help your lilac bush.


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