I Luxuriated In A Moment Of Contentment

The weather has been quite hot lately. Including today. This morning I took my bike out and rode it to the coffee shop, where I purchased a coffee. I took the coffee with me to the Streetsville United Church, and sat down under a tree to drink it. The old Lawn Bowling Center is across the street, but it has no shade.

Afterwards, I rode to the cemetery and watered both the flowers at my mother and fathers grave, and Monica Gencels, which is nearby. (Her mother can’t always make it out to water her daughters flowers, so I promised her I would.) I filled the watering cans seven times.

I filled the watering cans seven times.

When I was done I decided to lay down beneath a large Maple and relax. I tried emptying my mind of all anxious and bothersome thoughts and nearly succeeded. For a few moments all I experienced was the warmth of the sun, the breeze, the sound of rustling leaves and an occasional bird chirp. I said a sort of prayer, and luxuriated in a moment of contentment. Then I went home.

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