Seven Geese

Yesterday morning I decided that rather then take the bicycle, that I would walk to the cemetery. I am so glad that I did, because I ended up exploring along the river and had a wonderful time alone. On my way out the door I encountered the Hydro guys who reminded me that the electrical power was to be shut off for a few hours. That didn’t trouble me much. Though I did call an older woman in my building to remind her as well, and to ask if she would be alright without air conditioning. She said she would be. Speaking of air conditioning, I found an a/c unit beside a dumpster.

I took a short cut and ended up on Wyndham Street, where I then cut through the empty lot at the bottom of Main Street. There I discovered that a wide path, more like a swath, had been made, that led across the creek and all the way back into the bush. Now, this bush is what I regard as an untouchable piece of landscape. Meaning that no developer would ever be allowed to build there. Now I’m a bit concerned. I walked along, and followed their swath until I eventually reached the bridge, where I looked over the graffiti. I then walked to the cemetery.

So I walked along, and followed their swath.

I looked over the graffiti beneath the Bridge.

At the cemetery I met Mister Pacheco and his two sons watering the flowers. We chatted for a few minutes and they teased me about drinking too much beer. I teased them back, and so goes our normal conversation. Afterwards, I walked down the steep hill to the ravine, but found it thick with grass and weeds. So I retreated, and took the path that leads to the park instead.

Someone wrote this on the bridge, along the footpath.

When I reached the River I carefully walked along the bank, back towards the Bridge. Their are many large slabs of shalestone that are slanted downward because of all the erosion that has taken place over the years. They are perfect for laying down on. You can just relax and forget about many things. So I found one, and stretched out. In the trees above me, their were Cardinals that flitted about the branches. Their tails were magnificent. After a while I got up and crossed over the creek.

The dried up creek.

I didn’t really wish to go home, so I sat on a large rock and dipped my feet in the River. On the opposite side their was a woman, who was also barefoot, and enjoying the sun and the water. I should have maybe waved to her, but I didn’t. After a while seven geese came paddling against the current. They struggled a little, but eventually they succeeded and floated away.

Seven geese swimming.

From there I walked to the park where I sat down in the lap of three trees. The roots are exposed and look remarkable. The sun shimmered through the branches and I wondered at the futility of life. But I was feeling too cheerful to worry about it just then.

I laid down in the lap of three trees.

When I left the park, I climbed up the hill that leads to St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, then made my way along Queen Street. When I reached the Thrift Store I went inside. I was so pleased! I found lots of great stuff to put in my apartment! Including a statue of Buddha, and a wonderful picture, which you see below. I also purchased some shirts.

That evening I went back to the Park, where my sister was having a Birthday party for herself. I was so glad that she had chosen the shade from the three Willows that I had sat under earlier in the day. The ones with those remarkable roots!

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