The River And The Gorge

Yesterday morning I debated whether to walk or take my bicycle. I decided to walk. My goal was to get as far as the Barbertown Mansion, because I noticed they had torn down a section of it, and I was curious to see what was happening up close. Instead, when I reached the Kinsmen Hall, which is in a very old and cherished building here in Streetsville, I got sidetracked.

The Kinsmen Hall, which was once the old Streetsville Highschool, and later a Police Station.

Eventually though, I was finished there, and so continued south along Queen Street. When I reached the edge of town, I felt drawn towards the Mill. So I made my way along the railway tracks, which these days exposes you to scrutiny by everyone. I understand their are risks, but walking along the tracks, is like comfort food to me. Its beer and spaghetti.

If you continue walking eastward pass the Mill, you eventually come to a bridge, which provides you with wonderful views of the River and the Gorge. It is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Streetsville. Yet is not really that well known. Though each generation of young people have some who discover it, just like I did.

The old Mill, where my father worked for 26 years.

You eventually come to a bridge.

When I was done exploring the Mill, and beyond it, I turned back, concerned that I would not make it home in time to get ready for work. So I retraced my steps towards Queen Street, then slowly walked back towards downtown, taking photos of whatever interested me. (Obviously, the Barbertown Mansion would have to wait for another day.)

A cute little cottage along Queen Street.
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.
Another cute little home at the corner of Princess and Queen.
The gardens at the old Lawn Bowling Center.

A lovely mannequin in the Bridal Store window.

I had told myself earlier that I wouldn’t stop for a coffee, but when I reached the coffee shop, I went in and purchased one anyways. (Mostly because I needed change for laundry.) After I left, and was walking along the sidewalk, it began to rain heavy. So heavy in fact, that I was forced to take shelter in an alley way. It was rather pleasant actually to be stranded without an umbrella.

Once the rain slowed down a bit, I continued homeward. At the Irish Pub, I stopped to take a few photos. It just recently re-opened its patio, which was a welcome sign to many, myself included, that things might return to normal after the outbreak. I crossed the street and took a photo of the back entrance to the Love Shop. For absolutely no reason I could think of.

I was forced to take shelter in an alley way.

Cuchalainns Irish Pub.

The ancient Entrance Sign to Central Plaza. Most of the other ones are either busted, or have been removed.

I crossed the street and took one last photo of the back entrance to the Love Shop.

2 thoughts on “The River And The Gorge”

  1. Hello Cheeky. Thank you. I’m glad you like thr photos. My camera is the one that came with my Samsung S10 cellphone. So , I’m sorry if that’s dussapointing. But it has loads of features, and by experimenting a little, I am able to take photos thst I feel are good enough for my blog.


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