The Sunflowers At The Top Of The Hill

Yesterday morning I rode my bicycle in to town. Along the way I stopped to take some photos of storefronts, including, the fireworks store and the Comic Book store. (Which is owned by a gentleman named Todd, and is in the basement beneath the Pharmacist.) When I reached the coffee shop, I went inside and purchased a coffee, which I carried with me to the old Lawn Bowling Center. There I sat down and and drank it, while being very careful not to spill any on the ants. When I was done there, I walked across the street and took a photo of the Streetsville United Church, which I sent to a few friends.

The Comic Book Store owned by |Todd. You go down the steps to the basement.

The Streetsville United Church.

I then rode my bike south on Queen Street, crossed, and took a short cut through the old Highschool. At the top of the hill that overlooks the Park, their was a group of sunflowers, that were too pretty not to admire. So I did. Every year they pop up in the exact same spot, along with some Tiger Lillies. I made my way to the park, and rode along the trail next to the river, and came out at Main Street. I crossed over the Bridge, and then turned right into the cemetery. Near my mother and fathers grave site, I noticed that someone had just been buried. Atop the mound of dirt were dozens of flower arrangements, which I took a photo of, just because of how interesting it looked.

Near my mother and fathers grave site, I noticed that someone had just been buried.

When I left the cemetery, I decided I needed something new to explore, and so I made my way along the Culham Trail and rode all the way to Brittania Road. I then crossed over to the other side, and took the backstreets until I reached Ray Underhill Public School. I attended there for just one year, back in 1968, and yet, I seem to posses innumerable memories of it. I took photos of the front entrance, as well as the blue doors that I used to enter in and out of in the mornings and at recess, then rode through the playground and the field, and came out behind the Beer Store.

Queen Annes Lace grows along the bicycle path leading from Ray Underhill Public School.

When I got to the gas station, I stopped to take a photo of the big ICE Box. The attendant came out and asked me why I was doing that. I told him no reason really, that I just like taking weird photos. Which, I think, satisfied him, though he seemed to back away from me slowly. Though maybe it was just my imagination.

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