The Old Speyside Gas Station

I had been wanting to visit Rattlesnake Point for a few weeks, so last Thursday I did. On my way there I stopped to take photos of the old Speyside Gas Station. Just like I did last year.  I suppose it’s reached a sort of plateau in terms of a run down, abandoned building, because it looked entirely unchanged.

Afterwards, I drove up and through the escarpment, and eventually found my way to Rattlesnake Point. The young lady working there asked if I had made an appointment, which is part of the new reality since the pandemic. I said no, and could I make one now. She said yes, their were still  some openings. So, I made an appointment, and drove to the parking area.

The old Speyside Gas Station.

I parked in the lower area, where I almost never do, hoping it would be less crowded then the upper area. It was, but not by a whole lot. I didn’t mind all the people being there though, as the trails are so vast that the opportunity to be alone with nature is not difficult to do. Speaking of nature, on my way to find a trail, I stumbled upon a couple, both naked and enjoying themselves. I did not wish to intrude, so I turned back, and chose a different way.

I love Rattlesnake Point. I have so many memories of my walks there. I have explored it back and forth, and uncovered lonely, quiet spots, and streams and rocks, and trees and peace. I try and make it out at least twice a year, mostly on my own.

Along the way, I met a young man and woman who told me that their were some Turkey Vultures further along in the direction I was walking. So I kept my eyes opened for them. Eventually, I discovered four perched in a tree, about fifty feet out from the cliffs.

Rattlesnake Point.

2 thoughts on “The Old Speyside Gas Station”

  1. hi, i see you went to the abandoned gas station, was there anything odd about it? anything off putting? anything that didnt feel right about it to u? I live in Milton and went tonight and wanted to know someone else’s opinion


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