Odd Fellows Hall

(This is my 100th blog.)

Four days ago, rather then ride to the cemetery on my bicycle, I decided to walk instead. I wasn’t really sure of the route I would take, and so gave myself up to the winds. Neither did I expect to take many photos. But in fact I ended up taking quite a few. Starting with the old bench that sits out front of what was once the post office, but is now a dollar store. Years ago when I was part of a photography group, I used to take loads of pictures of benches. Not sure why, except that I find something visually pleasing about them.

The old bench

Afterwards, I just strolled along Queen Street observing everything I could. I must be regarded as an eccentric by now. I mean, people must see me looking up at the sky, stopping to pluck insects from the sidewalk, or taking photos of benches, and wonder if I am normal. That being the case, I want to assure everyone reading this blog that I am not.

When I finally reached the old Odd Fellows Hall, I noticed the door open. It has been under renovation for some time now, and like other people I have wondered what it will become. As it happens I met the owner of the building walking in, and asked him about it. But he didn’t say. He did mention that the renovations had become a huge undertaking, and that their was much work to be done before it could become anything at all. I am really hoping that it will be something really culturally significant. It’s such a sweet building.


I just strolled along Queen Street.

The Odd Fellows Hall.

The Streetsville Business Associations offices.

I walked further and took photos of the Streetsville Busines Asdociatiom. It is the building I sometimes refer to as the old Lawn Bowling Center. Which it was. But before that it was the library. Then before that it was something else, and before that something else again. It’s versatile you see. I then crossed the street, cut through St.Andrews cemetery  and found myself at the Park. I stopped to take a photo of the swings, which were no longer padlocked. Then I crossed the bridge and made my way to one of my favored spots.

The swings were no longer padlocked.

I crossed the bridge.

There I discovered  a large bag of garbage,  which a night critter had ripped open and made a mess of.  I was angry (at the people who left it behind, not the critter) but managed to clean it all up. A young woman who happened to come by, thanked me. I told her I was glad for her sake. She gave me a big smile, then I felt less angry.

When I reached the River,  I removed my sandals,  and sat down on one of the large rocks there. It’s a very nice spot to relax, and the waters make pleasant sounds.

There I discovered  a large bag of garbage,  which a night critter had ripped open and made a mess of.

Shoes left behind in the park.

The waters make pleasant sounds.

I climbed a short hill and was at the cemetery.

I then took a short cut across the dried up creek, climbed a short hill and was at the  cemetery. After I had watered all the flowers,  I headed home. I stopped though at the empty lot where Main Street begins,  and admired the flowers and the tall grass. It’s so much like a snall meadow.

So much like a pretty meadow.

A house that sits empty on Wyndham.

The Windmill on Church Street.

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