Amalia Rodrigues

Ten years ago I experienced a major shift in my outlook. It was October I remember, and I was walking home from work. For months I had been in turmoil, but I had finally come to a decision. I made it. I have no regrets regarding what I left behind that day. I only wish it had changed me in the ways that really matter. I have felt adrift lately, which is maybe the best way to describe the reason behind why I have not blogged. I knew I would be back though, and have continued to take photos here and there. The ones immediately below this very lame introduction were taken at the cemetery last fall. Which distresses me a tiny bit. It is already February, and Springtime seems just around the corner. Presently I am embarking on a new journey I hope.

A tree fallen across the hidden path.

Around the same time I took those photos I also decided to complete the second part of my Journey Through A Vanishing Countryside. So I set out one beautiful day and spent hours walking about the countryside just north of Streetsville. Unfortunately, two things happened that prevented me from posting any photos or blogging about my pilgrimage. Firstly, I made a wrong turn. My sister had dropped me off with the car in Huttonville. From there I walked west along Embleton Road. When I reached Heritage Road, I should have turned right, walked North and taken photos of the Laidlaw Orchards. Somehow I believed they were south of Embleton Road, and so I turned left and ended up missing them altogether. By the time I realized my mistake I was too far and too tired to turn back.

When I got home and looked over my photos I discovered that few of them had turned out as I had hoped. Occasionally that happens, and could have to do with the lens of the camera on my phone being dirty, or some other reason. I was now doubly disappointed with my efforts. (Yet, as I was writing this I took another peek at those photos, and now realize that maybe I was being too fussy. I will have to look them over again.) For now I am only posting the ones below which are of an old abandoned farmhouse on Heritage Road, just north of Steeles Avenue.

An old abandoned house on Heritage Road.

Over the winter months I became lazy and ceased exploring and blogging. I disliked myself for it, but did little to change the way I felt. I knew I did not want to abandon this blog, and still believed it had a tiny amount of importance. So I was slowly returning to it in my heart. In preparation I took photos of a mural that was painted on the side of the Portuguese Cultural Club of Amalia Rodrigues. It was commissioned by a gentleman to commemorate what would have been the great Fado singers 100th birthday. I was quite proud of the undertaking and how beautiful the mural looked.

Mural of Amalia Rodrigues.

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