Odd Fellows Hall Revisited

This afternoon, after eating my rice, I went outside for a walk. The weather was pleasant. (More like April, then February.) As I walked along, the sock in my right shoe started causing me discomfort. So I sat on a rock, removed the shoe, and pulled my sock up.

When I reached Parkview apartments, I stopped to take a photo of it. Parkview is called Parkview,  because it’s nearly, (though not quite) across the street from the Park. People living in the front of the building have the park view. Those in the back view something else. The building is one of two actually,  that are both very plain looking. Its enough that you are living in a nice part of town, I guess.

Parkview Apartments

I then walked up behind the Mexican restaurant and took some photos of the Odd Fellows Hall. Last summer their were workers constantly going in and out, doing renovations. But now it looks forgotten again. I looked both ways, then crossed Queen Street. On the other side I encountered a yellow sign, which I read. It asked that stores be allowed to re-open.

Odd Fellows Hall

The Odd Fellows Hall.

I encountered a yellow sign.

When I was a boy, about twelve years old, I wanted to buy a Beatles record from a store in town called Huron TV and Appliances. It cost 10 dollars. Of course, I didn’t have 10 dollars. The man who worked at the store (I can still remember what he looked like) told me I could purchase it on layaway. Which would require me to go back many times with whatever coins I could scrape together. Each time I gave him money, he pulled out a receipt book and wrote down the amount. That way I knew how close I was getting to being able to take the record home. Eventually, I did.

Anyways, strangely enough Huron TV and Appliances still exists. I honestly don’t know how much business they do, because they are in a basement now, and I never bothered to go see for myself. I doubt they still sell record albums.

At the corner of Queen Street and Thomas Street I took a few photos of a coffee shop that recently closed for good. A man walking by jokingly asked if I was intending to purchase the building. So I jokingly told him only if he went halves with me. As we talked, he told me that his wife sells cannabis oil, and that people use it to help with their anxiety. Which sounded like a good ideal to.me.

I cut through the alley that has the sign with the big eye. Which reminds me of a fortune tellers sign, but is actually a sign for a store that sells eyeglasses.. I stopped to take a photo of the back of an old building, then walked over to Centre Plaza. Along the way, I took a photo of the Montreal House. Which is a very old building in Streetsville.

A coffee shop that recently closed for good.

The big eye.

Back of an old building,

The Montreal House.

I choose to go around the backside of the Plaza to avoid people. Also, I like looking at the back of the stores. It’s like stripping away the façade. I took a photo then went home.

I like looking at the back of the stores.

2 thoughts on “Odd Fellows Hall Revisited”

  1. Hi FAB. It is at the corner of Pearl Street and Queen Street. Kitty Korner with what used to be Streetsville Inn. Do you remember Streetsville Inn? It was a place when we were young where men went to drink and fight. The police would just park outside on Friday nights, and wait to arrest people lol. Anyways, I belive Montreal House will turn 200 years old in 2025.


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